Local Music Discovery App
Project Overview

Timbre is a free, location-based concert finding app, and one of the coolest things about working on Timbre was having absolute freedom to experiment with visual design. We spent a lot of time prototyping different ways to interpret Timbre's main view: a list of concerts with band names, venues, and dates.

This first animation was probably the most visually appealing version, using a table view with slanted cells. Each of the cells represents a concert, with album art from the band as the background image. The parallax effect combined with the slant had an awesome visual effect, especially with dark borders between the cells.

Unfortunately, many bands, (particularly the local "indie" variety that we sought to promote with Timbre) either did not have album art, or had very low-resolution images, making the parallax view unsustainable around the world. We decided to use this design for special curated lists of artists. Then, for the general case, we explored a new direction that was not so reliant on a band's own visual assets.

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