Responsive Web Design
Project Overview

Sales-i approached us asking for a complete rebrand of their company and website, we knew the project was going to be large scale whilst ensuring it would be notably unique.

The client's brief required the design of the new sales-i website to be polished and easy to navigate, with eye catching, call-to action buttons, unobtrusive to the eye. When drafting the wire frames for each webpage, simplicity was an ethos of design that we wanted to keep consistent throughout the whole site.

"Ci brought to life a creative vision for our growing company. They are so much more than a talented web design company; they are also an intelligent, forward-thinking, astute business of ethics—a rare combination of traits. They will neither compromise on quality nor be a 'yes man' to their uninitiated client and yet they somehow manage to be patient, helpful and they completed the project on time and within budget.

I look forward to a continuing relationship with Ci as Sales-i™ develops new products and directions. It was a great learning experience to work with the team.".."
Alun Greaves | Projects Manager

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